iPhone 4s 16GB Unlocked GSM/Verizon S&D

What to they mean by “scratch and dent”? I understand that these are refurbished but exactly how scratched and dented are we talking. Can I give these as a gift without looking like Costanza from the classic sweater episide?

The case may have some scratches or small dents. The screen might have surface scratches but nothing that affects the use of the device.

Thank you for the prompt response.

I’m not familiar with the warranty on devices here, I assume it’s not apple care, sure but is it at least a couple of months?

Does the refurbishment include the battery? Especially on a 4s, those original batteries are pretty old.

Warranty: 30 Day Woot

Batteries will have been checked for life and replaced as necessary. They do not necessarily have a new battery.

Will these phones work on the T-Mobile system ?

You’ll be limited to only GSM Band 2 1900mhz since that is the only compatible band the 4s has (this means no LTE and possibly even spotty coverage)



I’d recommend looking at the 5s for greater compatibility

Thank you!

It looks like these phones have CDMA compatibility. I don’t know enough about the technicalities of Verizon’s network, but I’m currently using a Verizon CDMA phone and I’d like to keep the same level of connectivity. Will I have limited service from these phones using the Verizon CDMA network?

Does anyone know if the 5S will work on AT&T?

Anyone know if the 4s will work with the Straight Talk bring your own phone plan?

Will any of these phones work with sprint?

I would guess that the 4s would, but once active on ST you can’t use it on any other service, they simply will not release devices to page plus or similar.

The activation site have a top filter or CDMA or GSM and you want Red for Verizon CDMA for the Verizon towers.

ST will activate any device it looks like.

what does this mean? GSM/Verizon S&D I can use the same phone on GSM or Verizon’s network (but not sprint’s?). Or that you’re selling separate phones compatible with either network. Also, this phone can’t be used on sprint?

Hoping some one can help- i bought this to use a a camera to watch my dogs when I’m not home. The darn thing wont log into my wifi - I’ve tried everything i can find online - it just wont log into a network - do i have to have it set up as a phone?

Does it work on AT&T’s network?

Who has had luck activating this phone? I’ve tried Total Wireless, Boost, GivMobile, net10, and they all say my phone is not compatible. I’m not willing to pay $70/mo for Verizon… Which carriers have people been successful activating this phone with?

Any help would be much appreciated.