iPhone 4s Unlocked GSM/Verizon (S&D)

Can I use this phone on AT&T network with micro sim card?

An unlocked iPhone? The FBI may be interested in this…

It’s locked iPhones you should be careful with…

And no…verizon iPhones don’t have the slot for a SIM… Learned that the hard way

GSM/Verizon? Isn’t Verizon CDMA?
GSM is AT&T, right? Can’t be both…

Evidently this one can, scrolled through the specs to find:

SIM Card:

What version of iOS are these running?

Model numbers are being added

8GB black – MD146LL/A
16GB white – MC677LL/A
32GB black – MC678LL/A

This is a GSM phone unlocked for Verison on CDMA.

It will vary from phone to phone. It will at least have the iOS that was originally on the phone.