iPhone 5 16GB Unlocked GSM/Verizon S&D

can this phone be used on AT&T’s network

Can it work with Straight Talk?

That’s what I came here to ask!

It will but will not be LTE, only 4G HSPA+

It will work with the GSM Straight talk, as far as CDMA straight talk, you’d need to have the phone in hand so you can enter the IMEI # here

would it work with TracFone?

Will this work with Virgin Mobile

Regarding compatibility with USA carriers, refer to this website:

It depends which specific models Woot is offering, like A1428, A1429, etc…

For example, if the iPhone 5 is an A1428, it is almost fully compatible with AT&T USA, but if it’s A1429, there is partial to no compatibility with AT&T USA.

Probably yes

, but you need to check the IMEI of an individual phone to make sure it will work.
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