iPhone 5s - Your Choice (S&D)

iPhone 5s - Your Choice (S&D)

WARNING!! Verizon will not activate this phone. I sent my SE in for a new battery & tried to use my old IPhone 5s & dicked around with activating it for an hour before I finally contacted Verizon for help. 1st it was through “chat” & I dicked around again with the person on chat for an hour. Finally I demanded to speak to a supervisor to be told it couldn’t be activated anymore even though I ran out & bought a new SIM card.
(Not my 1st rodeo) Unfortunately, where I live only Verizon has decent coverage otherwise I wouldn’t be on their plan!!

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. Did they say why it couldn’t be activated? Do they not support that model any longer? Did you change the APN settings to your carrier?

Regardless, if you want to return it, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

FYI. I own a 5s and it runs just fine on Boost aka Sprint. It was originally a Verizon purchased phone. Thinking about buying a second as an emergency back up and for use as a security camera (using the Alfred app). I love this little phone. Subsequent software upgrades haven’t slowed it down, it’s small but not too small, takes a lot a abuse (while safely in an otterbox) and it’s, imho, a phone good enough to keep until it dies. I’ve never wanted to upgrade it.

do these phones come unlocked?

It’s unlocked for GSM networks.