iPhone 5s - Your Choice (S&D)

May I ask a stupid question??? Does this mean it can be used with any cell service? Feel free to judge me.

Not a stupid question at all - probably the most important question to ask when buying a used / refurbished cell phone!

The answer is a little complicated. The model we are selling is unlocked for GSM networks, which means T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and so on. CDMA networks, like Sprint, will not have the same support.

The specific model that we are selling is the A1533. Take that model number and go to the “will this phone work on my network” link in the description (or linked right there in my post). Put in your information, and it’ll tell you what is supported or not supported on your network.

Hope that helps!

Can this be updated to the latest iOS?

Yes, iPhone 5S supports iOS 11, and according to Apple, should support iOS 12 when it is released later this year.