iPhone 5s - Your Choice (S&D)

iPhone 5s-16GB

Just got one given to me & I love it!
Love the “Wi-Fi Calling” function & using it allows me to call others from home, even though I have no cellular coverage(I live in a very rural area).
I would recommend it to anyone who wants a full function phone at a great price.

For anyone wondering, the iPhone 5s does support iOS 11, and should run iOS 12 when it’s released later this year.

Thank you for the info. I am looking for an inexpensive phone for my middle schooler and I think this will fit the bill perfectly. I wanted something small, cheap and able to have most recent iOS.

How do they refurbish these. Do they replace the battery? A 5s this old must have a battery on its last legs. My 5s two and a half years old only lasts 4 hours now.

The battery is checked and replaced if needed.