iPhone 5s

I’ve been eyeballing the 5S for a couple weeks. I’m on the iPhone 4.

For $24 more I get 24 months to pay for this phone from Verizon. So I could put it on a credit card and get hit up for a high % finance charge if I can’t pay it off right away, or I can have Verizon charge me $11/mo for it for 24 months and a far lower late penalty if I miss my payment date. Hrm.

Walmart sells this for straight talk for 149.99.

The only carrier currently for phones available on this sale is Sprint. So if the Verizon 2 year pricing is relevant, you’re probably committed to VZ and these won’t work on your current plan or account.

Likewise, the $150 phones at Walmart are for straight talk or total wireless and are for activation on those services only. That pricing is probably loss leader since you’re tied to their service for some time until you can transfer to a different Verizon based service, and again, a Sprint iphone isn’t something for someone shopping for VZ coverage.