iPhone 6 or 6s (VZN&GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

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iPhone 6 or 6s (VZN&GSM Unlocked)(S&D)
Price: $154.99 - 249.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 11 to Monday, Apr 16) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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is this a good deal?

What are the model numbers please?

I know more apple phone users switching to android type phones for a number of reasons, performance, costs and apples being so proprietary

Im one of those guys contemplating the switch…

Do they come with a new battery?

I don’t know what unlocked means, especially with Verizon in parens. If i buy this will it work with my AT&T account or just Verizon?

GREAT question. Woot?

It is all personal preference on which platform works better for an individual. There are always trade-offs to either. I was an Android user for 5 years, got fed up with chasing battery drain issues which were usually tied to mis-behaving apps, and switched to an iPhone6. Stayed with that phone for 2.5 years when it finally had screen issues. Switched to a MotoG5+ for 6 months, but really did end up missing iOS…something I never thought I would ever admit/say. I picked up a used iPhone6S about a month ago and have been quite happy.
Unless Apple brings back the headphone jack, it will likely be my last iPhone though. Wired headphones is just a requirement for me. That is all there is to it. Personal decision/requirement that does limit my available product selection.

As for the question of is this a good deal? Is this a super great deal?? Nope. Is it a good deal?? Yeah, I would call it good. If you don’t want to chase Craigslist/Swappa/FBMarketplace constantly, yes it is a decent deal. Assuming you get a legit seller, a used iPhone6S with 16GB are generally going for $150-200, 32GB for $225-250, and 64GB for $250-300. At least that is the pricing I found the last 3 months in the market I am in (Missouri). And any of those deals will be hit or miss with no warranty at all.
The 32GB iPhone6S I just picked up cost me $235 and I had to drive an hour to meet a random stranger at their local PD to exchange $ for phone. Of course I see this offering just a few weeks later for a 64GB phone for $10 less with no driving required…yeah, somewhat wish I would have waited a few more weeks.

It “should” work just fine on ATT. Historically, the majority of Verizon LTE enabled phones are able to be put onto ATT with no issue. I just put a Verizon A1688 iPhone6S on my ATT account. Should be as simple as a SIM swap. And if you weren’t already an iPhone user, you may have to contact ATT. As I have been switching back and forth between Android and iOS, the only feature that doesn’t always work out of the box is the Hotspot/Tethering option. That appears to require a change on the data service depending on which platform you use.

I purchased this the last time up and will say the phone did not work. I am sending back. I will also say the phone did not have a new battery. Of course I’d already purchased the case, etc. I would be very skeptical of these phones.

Does “scratch and dent” mean the phone may have scratches and/or dents?

Thanks for the input. I’m playing phone tag with a Craigslist seller that has a 6s Plus (nib supposedly) for $310. In my area most electronics are ridiculously overpriced on Craigslist so Inwas excited to find a reasonable seller. But with the seller not responding to a text after he gave me the number and requested it over email. . . I am not too sure. So refurb 6s that I can get now or 6s Plus that I have to wait for and drive and maybe the guy isn’t legit. . .

Any thoughts? My current 5s was a woot refurb and has been great until this last year (battery is now pretty dead).

Edited to add: just checked my account records and I brought my 5s on 12/5/2015. So my woot refurb lasted a little over two years before the battery issues started.

FYI for those who are interested, I have had two woot refurbs and they have both looked new and performed well.

I think I just talked myself into buying a 6s.

If you have the option to get one priced in a similar manner here vs dealing with CL…why are we still talking about this? :slight_smile:

I kept getting people who lived in less than desirable areas who insisted meeting at their apartment complex and refused at the local PD, ATT store, or anywhere remotely public.

If I knew my wife wouldn’t strangle me, I would be ordering a spare 6S right now.

Look at the low amazon reviews!!! Many claim these to be fraudulent and phones from 2015. Buyer beware. I’m shocked Amazon/wot carries these.

Boy, sure do see LOTS of referb’s from Verizon here on Woot. One has to wonder why there are so many issues with Verizon phones.

These phones are crap. I tried two three last time and both were garbage. Vetizon. I tried and tried to get then to work. They eat SIM cards. I suspect the batteries are garbage and they are defective. I see Woot keeps trying to pawn them off. Don’t bite. You will be disappointed.

I’m sorry for the problem. We’ve sold thousands of iPhones with very issues.

As always, our customer service is happy to help. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Yes, S&D does mean some scratches and dents. However, other than the battery, seems to work just fine.

Mine isn’t too bad it’s obv. been dropped a few times and one very small but deep gouge; light scratches on screen–mostly not noticeable when in a case.

The battery came in at 84% (11.3 reports). Very degraded seems to be at 80% or so. So, this is right on the margin. Will see how it goes.