iPhone 6 or 6s (VZN&GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

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iPhone 6 or 6s (VZN&GSM Unlocked)(S&D)
Price: $144.99 - 229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, May 23 to Monday, May 28) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I paid $799.99 for a brand new iPhone 6 with 64GB more than two years ago. It’s paid off now. If I was patient I could have saved a lot. It’s a great phone that has served me well for the past few years. I don’t plan to replace it anytime soon. Save a ton and buy here.

My biggest concern is the charging port. I have bought several used iPhones over the years, and that is my biggest issue. They seem to get finicky after a while and will only charge with certain cables and in certain positions and only when the sun and moon are in perfect alignment. That’s the only thing that gives me pause on an otherwise great phone at a great price.

Do these devices get new batteries or are they just “working order”
I am concerned about a potentially 2 year old device.

I am wondering just how “scratch & dent” these are. I will jinx myself here, but I am using a 5s still without any scratches or dents. I do keep it in a thin leather case and do my best to keep the drops at a minimum. I would get a case for this one as well but a screen scratch would really bother me. If it were $50, I would deal with it.

I wonder if these phones are still eligible for the cheap battery replacement. The program runs until December of 2018.

I have a 5s that I bought refurbished in like-new condition some years back. I keep it in a Mophie battery case, which has suffered many chips and dings, but the phone is still in excellent condition. I have been wanting to upgrade but, like you, a screen scratch or scuff would be disappointing to say the least. That said, this is about the best price I’ve seen on a 6s and a relatively scarce 128GB phone to boot. I will take the chance because it’s Woot but I won’t hesitate to ask for a refund if it’s not acceptable.

have you tried cleaning it out?

We’ve owned several iPhones and iPads over the years and have never had a charge port fail or get wonky.

While we don’t abuse them, we aren’t necessarily babying them either.

Are you aware that iPhones require “MFi Apple certified” cables? (Otherwise known as that rectangular logo with the words “Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod”… “M… F… i”)

If the cable is not MFi certified then good luck with it working for even one software upgrade aftern when the cable was designed.

How do I pick which version, VZN or GSM? Or this unit can operate with both?

Can’t determine if gsm or CDMA; do they support both? ALL GREATER THAN 16GB UN NOW UNAVAILABLE? Thanks anyway Woot!

I bought one on Woot a few months ago and was able to get the new $29 battery from Apple. But, it was the second one, had to send back the first because the bottom mic wasn’t working. Apple diagnosed it for free and the company selling through Woot gave me no problems doing a return.