iPhone 7/7+ 1yr Warranty (GSM Only)(S&D)

FWIW, I have 40 BRAND NEW iphone 7’s 128gb devices I’ve been deploying. I work in IT and see all kinds of phones so, here’s a newsflash. Newer doesn’t mean better except for end of life support from the manufacture. So, translation, iPhone 7 or 20, THEY STILL BREAK.

This is a good deal, if you like Apple stuff.

Whew. Dodged a bullet there. I was going to buy one until I saw this comment. I’ll play it smart and stick with my iPhone 6s. It works fine.

When a seller of used phones comes right out and admits this, don’t be expecting a pretty-looking phone.

As to this being an “old” phone? How is two years, old? It is still being sold new by Apple.

And unlike an Android phone, you can be confident this will get OS upgrades for at least another 2-3+ years.

For reference, the current new prices at Apple for 32 GB versions:

iPhone 7 $449
iPhone 7 Plus $569

I just don’t trust refurbs. I have had my fair share of factory refurbs and it only takes a month or two before they start slowing down or the battery drains fast and is slow to charge. And I have 1 year warranties on them, so I send one back and they send me the next 2 month piece of junk.

You’re missing something here. A Sprint-compatible iPhone 7 will also be compatible with GSM networks. Look up the specs for US CDMA iPhone 7s and I think that you will agree. Which deal is better depends, in part, on how much Virgin or Sprint charges for service and how long you have to have the phone activated on their network before it qualifies for unlocking. If you have Comcast/Xfinity cable TV service, it might be worth buying a new iPhone and service from them. YMMV.

Get a new one at the Apple Store with no scratches and a new battery, on the carrier you want, with a full warranty. I have the 7+ and it’s great. No, the screen doesn’t break if you drop it, if you have a case. It’s still faster than 95% of the phones out there.