iPhone 7 A1660 or A1778 (S&D)

iPhone 7 A1660 or A1778 (S&D)

Pulled my last comment - capacities are shown in the dropdown when selecting the model! FWIW, a refurb iPhone 7 direct from Apple is $469 (128 GB Capacity).

Also want to call out that the A1660 is Verizon compatible, which seems to be a rarity around here.


Will this phone work with MetroPCS?

Um, how about using the " **Will this phone work with my carrier? Let’s find out!" link right in the description.

How have previous purchasers fared with these 90day Woot guaranteed, non-Apple refurbs? So far every single refurb I have purchased from Woot has been a failure, so I stopped taking the chance years ago.

This is my fear as well. Note the product page says ‘scratch and dent’…which in my opinion is far worse than ‘refurbished’. They are basically admitting that the phones may have some pretty major scratches…and dents. :slight_smile:

I have not had good luck with 3rd party refurbs either. However we have purchased multiple refurbs direct from Apple and all of them have been pristine.

Does the A1660 models have the No Service issue fixed already?

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One more thing. Beware of battery capacity. Most of these 3rd party operators do NOT install a new battery like Apple does. We have been caught on this in the past and ended up having to replace the battery.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper but the battery could be a potential hidden cost with these.

So…I’m assuming the batteries are NOT new on these units?

The batteries are tested by the refurbisher and replaced if necessary :slight_smile:

Does the 1660 take SIM cards for international travel?

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How banged up are these refurbs?

i just want to know that if upon receiving the phone, the scratches/dents and/or battery quality are below expectations, if the 90 day policy covers a simple refund or not?

Hello. Here’s our return policy. You can return it within 30 days if you don’t like it.



The iPhones sold in this site are refurbished. Will Apple repair technician repair this phones if something went wrong? Thanks.


Hello. That would be a question for Apple.

If the battery is an genuine Apple battery, yes an Apple technician will repair it.

I bought one the last time woot had these…just a couple of weeks ago. I hope its ok to post this.

Here’s what I got:

Body-It had some scratches on the back, and all the edges and corners have little dings where you can see the metal under the paint.

Screen-They put a glass protector on the screen but if I hold it just right under a light, I can see a couple of deep scratches. The touch screen works ok, but the 3d touch has a couple of dead spots where I can push enough to distort the screen but no 3d touch. Most of the screen’s 3d touch works fine…I was thinking maybe it’s the screen protector? It appears to be pretty thick.

Battery-I can see that under “battery health” the capacity is 83%, so it’s still operating at peak power. But that right there means it’s lost almost 1/5 of it’s capacity.

You can read more here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208387

To illustrate, if I have a day with lots of texts or calls, I usually have to charge it in the evening…the battery indicator will be in the red.

I know I could probably return it for the 3d touch problem but I’m not a big user of it anyway.

I bought a thin black plastic case at Dollar Tree…perfect fit. Phone looks great.

If the battery problem gets really bad I’ll either go to the Apple store and have them put a new one in, or get a battery case.

Oh by the way, I bought another one today. :sunglasses:

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$50 will get you a new apple certified battery

ORIG POST 3/13/19 1:00 pm – Just received mine. Pleased with fast shipping. Boots up OK, just now getting it set up. So this comment is related only to first impressions out of the box. Long story short: “refurbished” is being kind (or unkind in this case, as it’s a little misleading to the buyer). Scratch-and-dent is what I expect to see in an appliance store when the floor-model washer gets banged up coming in/out of the warehouse, but has never truly seen the inside of a household. Refurbished to me means something more than a used phone that’s been checked out and shown to work as expected, otherwise any phone sold on Craigslist would be ‘refurbished’. The phone I received doesn’t appear to be a refurbished ‘scratch and dent,’ it’s a used phone, period. The screen is pretty pristine - yay - but the back of the phone indicates that it has spent quite some time enclosed in a case… so much time that the outline of the case, including the brand name (UAG), are imprinted onto the phone. Also, while it’s true the item description indicated that no charger would included, it did not go on to say that ‘literally nothing’ from Apple besides the phone itself would be included - no original box, no headphone dongle which is supposed to be included, no literature, nothing. It’s a phone, packaged up with some weird flyer that indicates the seller is IBM (yes, that IBM…) and nothing else. So to be honest, I have nothing that helps me identify whether this phone is a used trade-in or maybe even stolen, other than trusting the integrity of Woot’s suppliers which I guess I will do. I’m not displeased with the phone (yet, I’ll reserve judgment on that until I get it up and running and find a 3rd party headphone dongle). I’ll update if I’m feeling motivated, but feel free to presume that no news is good news there.

UPDATE 3/13/19 1:50 pm – Phone is charging up now. System reports that battery’s maximum capacity is 89%. This is a very used phone.

Hi…please let me know where to buy Apple Certified Battery. Thanks. AL