iPhone 7 A1778 (GSM Unlocked) (S&D)

iPhone 7 A1778 (GSM Unlocked) (S&D)

Verizon Friendly???

The page they link to says it’s good to go on Verizon 4G LTE.

AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.

Verizon and Sprint are on CDMA.

I’m confused. Does this work on Verizon or not? Website says yes but it sounds like it may not?

The Apple spec page indicates that the Intel-powered A1778 and A1784 phones won’t support CDMA (or code division multiple access), a cellular technology used on some LTE networks. That means an Intel-powered iPhone 7 simply won’t work on CDMA networks, such as Verizon’s and Sprint’s.

This information is from 2016 however, so maybe there has been a change to their 4G LTE - probably best to contact Verizon.

will this work on pageplus

Will they work on Cricket ?

Not as sexy as a 6S … I mean, … no headphone jack!


Does this come with the headphone adapter cable?

Save your money. Old phone.

Not to poo-poo this particular deal, but I don’t get why anyone would pay that for a model that’s so old. You can walk into Verizon today and get two XRs for $750, making the cost of each $375 and it’s financed over two years. Sure, that’s not nothing, but for the massive upgrade I’d think most would consider it worth doing.

Everything you said is true but you left out one very important detail. It’s financed over 2 years with a 2 year contract.

There are some people who still have unlimited data plans from years past that are paying less than the unlimited plans now. Some people don’t want to be tied to a contract for 2 years that has a crap ton of penalties if you want to cancel.

These are the people who are willing to pay a premium for an older phone.

Are the batteries replaced in these phones? Seems like a bad idea to spend $200+ for a 1-2 year old battery.

You’re suggesting I pay $750 for two phones, on of which I have no use for and can’t even sell because I have to activate it as a new line on my account? If I can find a plan for $30 a month then that phone I don’t need is going to cost me another $720 over the two years in service charges.

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So does it come with the headphone cable or not? I read that the difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is minimal.

No, this will not work with Verizon. This is a GSM only model.

Headphones are not included. It uses the lightning port for headphones.

Specs say lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack included. But is it?

Most likely the adapter is not included. The specs were copied from Apple and we forgot to delete that line.
Sorry for the confusion.