iPhone 7 A1778 (S&D)

iPhone 7 A1778 (S&D)

Here is another link explaining supported frequencies/networks on this phone:

Here is a story that might be true but I can’t guarantee it. Only the Woot Gods know. Maybe they don’t even know.

Starting a few months ago, Woot has been mixing in some A1778 128GB models into iPhone7 (S&D) deals. However these were sold as “locked” whereas this one is unlocked.

The problem was that the A1778 was locked to Japan KDDI. Most reported no luck in getting AT&T US to unlock them because it was not on their list of supported US iPhones. I returned mine after reading many had the same problem. It was definitely locked. I think others kept theirs and were happy, (I think it would work on AT&T us but not unlock), or perhaps they used means of questionable legality to pay for an unlock service.

The good news was that the phones were basically new condition event though sold as S&D. A story was that there was a US MVNO that was using these phones and shut down, and so possibly these were old stock from a company that never shipped them. I can’t guarantee these will be almost-new but mine looked like it.

The price on those was $189 I think, with a 3rd-party charger and cord. This price is higher and no charger/cord (who doesn’t have a bunch of those already? so that’s fine). These are unlocked and would apparently have no problems as long as your network supports those frequencies (not that some like Verizon are listed as partial support since Verizon still uses CDMA which these do not support).
It is unclear on if these are really Scratch and Dent or only being sold that way due to their rocky past as being KDDI phones…