iPhone 7 A1778 (S&D)

iPhone 7 A1778 (S&D)

It was a rather frustrating experience for me.
Apparently, the “Open Box” (Woot: That means that they have been opened due to being a photo sample, a tested working customer return or having damaged packaging. Some non-essential items may be missing from the box. ) can also mean “No Box” at all.

Mine was received with no Apple box with fake Chinese accessories (cable, power plug, SIM ejector), no earphones, no instructions.

The phone itself didn’t look as “being a photo sample, a tested working customer return or having damaged packaging” either. Traces on the back made by a phone’s case me assume that this was a trade-in used phone. Screen’s oleophobic coating was nearly dead with significant scratches on it. Phone’s body had significant(!) scratches – I wouldn’t call it “moderate”.

More than that, a mic didn’t work, so I contacted a customer support and received 20% compensation to get it repaired locally.

Woot could be more honest with customers about the products’ real conditions and the supply source. Also, they should invest more time to checking ALL important features if the product is used.

Overall, considering the low price, I was expecting more quality products with better conditions. I could have ordered a completely factory-renewed item with perfect conditions for 20-more bucks on Aliexpress or similar instead.

Hi there. Since we don’t sell new iPhones, this originally sold as Refurbished, Scratch & Dent and came with generic accessories, and no earphones. Instructions wouldn’t have been there either.

Thank you for the feedback. If ever you’re unhappy with a product, contact Woot CS and they’ll assist you with a return.