iPhone 7 (Fully Unlocked) (S&D)

iPhone 7 (Fully Unlocked) (S&D)

So, what model is this in particular? Axyzp???

If you click on the Specs Tab and scroll all the way down, it lists what is in the box:

In the Box:

  • (1) iPhone 7 (GSM Unlocked) (S&D)
  • (1) Lightning Cable (aftermarket)
  • (1) Charger (aftermarket)

So apparently it is a GSM phone which would make it Model A1778. Best to check on www.willmyphonework.net before buying.

If you have Verizon, they currently have the Pixel 2 XL for $10/month x 24 months. A model that’s a year newer and a lot better than the Iphone 7. Also you would be getting a brand new phone that has a 2 year warranty.

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It says fully unlocked, but I have not had good luck with Verizon unless it specifically says VZW. Pass.

I see it comes with 90 day woot warranty. Anyone from woot that can comment on who did the refurbishing? I know sometimes it gives the company in the warranty information (ie- 30 day buyspry warranty).

yes, but it also says: " Note: These phones are unlocked to work with GSM and CDMA networks. "
as one of the first lines under features.

Come on Woot, the model number is very important, please update the posting with it.

Hi there. Unless the vendor carries the warranty, we don’t publish the name of the refurbishing company. We have quite a few trusted vendors that we work with.

Based on the listed 377 amazon reviews and the 90 day warranty, this specific phone looks like a phone sold on Amazon as model A1660. It also gets a fakespot rating of D…probably gonna pass.

Howdy all. We asked our vendor about the model number. He said they could vary from unit to unit but all are unlocked to work with CDMA & GSM.

Received mine today. It has a deep scratch about 2 1/2 inches right across the middle of the glass. Buttons and lightning port look worn and dirty. This is nothing like an Apple refurbished unit. It’s a piece of junk really. I bought it to replace my iPhone 6 which is over 4 years old and looks WAY better than this refurb 7. I will be returning it.

Trusted vendor?? It would be much more transparent if you did publish who did the refurbishing. Since this company clearly can’t refurbish, as evidenced by the comment by Wooter436024471.
What Amazon(Woot) think is trusted, is clearly different what we the end user expect for trusted refurbisher.