iPhone 7 (GSM Only)(S&D)

iPhone 7 (GSM Only)(S&D)

Do these have new batteries?

Good morning. The batteries are checked and replaced if needed.

The very first thing I’d do after buying any used/refurb Apple phone from anyone other than Apple… go to to an Apple Store and request a full diagnostic.

The diagnostic is very thorough and should expose deficiencies like a worn out battery. Do it prior to the (in this case) 90 day Woot warranty window.

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How accurate is the battery health feature in settings? My iPhone 6SE is around 1 year old and has a maximum capacity of 87%

Go to the Apple Store and do the diagnostic. Honestly, I haven’t asked them whether their test is similar.

BTW, I’ve had really good long term durability performance from phone batteries by always topping them off… when I get in the car, when at the desk, etc… vs. running regularly them down.

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Does this include the lightning to headphone adapter?

Sorry, it is not included.

Will these work on Cricket Wireless?

Would appreciate any information someone might share Re:
moving an existing/current TracFone to one of these.
Thank you much.

Just received mine today. Cannot be activated. :frowning: Dreaded “No Service” showing in the upper left corner.

For the love of Noodle, CHECK YOU PHONES WITH A KNOWN-GOOD SIM as they come in!!