iPhone 7 (GSM Unlocked) (S&D)

iPhone 7 (GSM Unlocked) (S&D)

Are these still available or not?

Sorry, this one is sold out.

Ok cause it doesn’t show sold out until you go to it

On desktop, app?

I’m seeing it sold out on desktop:


Never mind. Found it on the app.

During prime day, Visible was offering this phone for $199 with $100 MasterCard rebate after two billing cycles. I placed an order and waited. I thought it odd when my phone didn’t show up within two days because the website was showing that I paid extra for next day shipping. After several days of attempting to get in touch with visible through the app and website, I resorted to DMing them on Twitter. After another couple of days I got an email informing me that my order had “gotten hung up“ and did not process. To be fair I was never billed for this transaction. Unfortunately because I thought I had purchased this phone and was unaware that the order did not process, I missed out on other great Prime Day deals like this one. I just spent about an hour texting with visible’s customer service, the only way to actually talk to anybody, and I not only did they tell me that the iPhone 7 was sold out and could not be ordered, but they refused to give me any sort of credit to make things right if I bought a more expensive phone. Overall I’ve been satisfied with visible. Sure there are times when visual voicemail doesn’t work or text don’t go through but for 40 bucks a month on the Verizon network, I can’t complain too much. However, this unsatisfying experience has left me looking for other options. At the very least visible needs to add a Vestibule of Patience so that folks are given fair warning that their orders are not going to be processed.