iPhone 7 Plus 128/256GB (GSM Only)(S&D)

iPhone 7 Plus 128/256GB (GSM Only)(S&D)

These ‘scratch and dent’ always spook me a bit- they can be beat to hell or in great shape, you don’t know till you buy it. I know in the past, some used stuff on Woot was pretty bad- but I bought things that were perfect. Pretty expensive roll of the dice- if it sucks, can we return it? Minor wear is one thing, but big scratches on the screen or dents in the body indicate a really hard life. $300+ is a lot for a really old model phone.
Anyone have anecdotes about buying used phones here?

I don’t have any anecdotes but remember that we have a 30day return policy. If you’re not happy, you can return it.

Here’s our return policy:


I bought one, a 6S, that had problems with the mic. They did an exchange for me without issue. The battery was not in great shape though, but that was during the Apple $19 battery replacement so that was an easy fix. My wife has an iPhone 7 that she bought new and the battery health is down to 73%. That’s the catch to me with buying one that is that old.

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