iPhone 7 Plus (Multiple Carriers)(S&D)

iPhone 7 Plus (Multiple Carriers)(S&D)

My last S&D from here was a bunch of 3rd party junk parts assembled to look like an iPhone. Didn’t realize how bad it was until I gave it to my daughter after the 90 day warranty expired. Not worth repairing.
If you’re on Verizon, they’ll give you a new 32gb 7+ for $5/mo over 2 years on a new line. That’s just $120. A 128gb is $10/ mo.


There is an image of a random iPhone 7 (instead of 7 Plus) in there, with the single round camera.

Which perhaps is an indication of the care taken of the phones as well.

I’ve had great luck with Woot refurb DVD player, TiVo, Ooma hub, um…router, vacuum cleaner…uh…external hard drive…Roku…a few laptops…

But I would not trust mail-order refurb phones from anybody but the manufacturer directly.

That’s for showing the color. I’ll ask if they can update it to the correct photo.


I had the same experience with S&D iPhones from Amazon. Complete dogs. The only place I’d buy a refurb iPhone is from Apple directly - they do an excellent job. You basically get a new phone with a full warranty that’s eligible for AppleCare.

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There is a clarification question about the jabra earbuds over on clearance woot. Actually new or re-new? Thanks for the help

verizon has certified pre-owned (very good) i7 plus 128GB for $364.

Answered. (Stupid meetings)

What was the question?