iPhone 8 Plus (S&D)(Fully Unlocked)

iPhone 8 Plus (S&D)(Fully Unlocked)

Your deal indicates that the phones are “Fully Unlocked,” but you do not include some details, like:
Apple model number
CDMA compatibility
(GSM compatibility is assumed)

Can you comment?

Hi! This is the A1864 which will work on both GSM and CDMA networks. They’re sold as the contract-free phones if you buy directly from Apple.

I can’t find a description of what Grade A/B/C/D/E/…/Z means anywhere.

Do you have a common page for what “Grade ?” means, is this specific to the seller, who’s the seller, what’s their standards, do they have it listed?

I’ve received some refurbished phones with pretty bad battery life and would hope to avoid that and also want to make sure grade B / C - as there isn’t a price difference - means something like … this phone was naughty and used during class for non educational purposes … or cheating.

Thanks in advance!

What does “grade quality” mean?

Hi there. We’ve added a table to the end of the specs to explain the grades. Sorry for the delay.