iPhone X (GSM Only/Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

iPhone X (GSM Only/Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

These go for $809 on Apple’s refurb. store. So this seems like a really good deal.

While $210 is a nice savings keep in mind that these have a 90 day Woot warranty and are just used phones while the Apple refurbs are indistinguishable from new and have a full year Apple warranty.

I should probably add that I have bought a refurb iPhone from Woot and while I encountered a problem during the warranty period Woot was very responsive so no digs on their warranty service from me.

This is a terrible deal the new iPhone 11 goes for $100 more with 2 years newer processor. Maybe if this was new but for a scratch and dent this is a stupid price. Frankly iPhone new or used isn’t worth the money. If you really need an iPhone I would spend $100 more and get a new phone with a better processor

This deal on woot is for the 256GB model. The iPhone 11 with 256GB is $849.

The screen is better on the X as well. The X’s OLED is higher resolution and has far better contrast than the 11’s LCD. Colors will pop more, black will be blacker. You have to get the pro or pro plus to get an OLED in the current gen.