iPhone X (GSM Only)(Scratch & Dent)

iPhone X (GSM Only)(Scratch & Dent)

What are peoples experiences with these S&D phones? Can they be returned easily? I dont want to get one that has a single scratch on the screen and then be stuck with it.

We purchased an iPhone 7 here on Woot last month that was listed as S&D. The phone was fully functional (including excellent battery capacity) and was in very good cosmetic condition (no scratches, dents or dings). Conservatively I would list it as B+ and certainly worth the price. Another person who also purchased one at the same time posted pics on the discussion thread showing his phone and it was still fully functional but had marks from a case on it.

Nobody in the few Woot discussion threads I’ve read about S&D phones has made mention of screen damage (I certainly have NOT seen all the discussions, so that is a big qualifier). Frankly these modern phone screens are pretty tough to scratch and if you do exert enough force to damage it you will more than likely break it. However, if just a single scratch is concerning enough for you to want to return it then perhaps looking at S&D phones is not for you.

I can’t speak for returns because we kept and are using it. Another commenter from that sale mentioned that he received a phone that was apparently listed as stolen and his cellular account was suspended when he tried to activate it.

I guess that the moral of this story is it is a flip of the coin as to what you get.