iPhone X Unlocked Verizon GSM (S & D)

If you buy the s7 edge you save $750. The savings would allow $60+ per month of cell phone service. Giving you a full year of service. Just Sayin😏

But it’s an iPhone

90-day warranty on a $1,000 phone. That’s a big bet that an S&D won’t have any issues. Pay a little extra and get 1 year Apple warranty.

bought it, its pretty scratched up

I wouldn’t get this

These are sold as Scratch & Dent.

However, if you’re unhappy, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

as a refurbed item, you never know how bad its going to be. Someone has to bite the bullet to find out.

in my opinion saving 150 bucks is not worth it in the condition that its in.

comes in aftermarket box along with non apple charger/cord

Where do you put the micro SD card?

Could you post a pic of the scratches. I appreciate you sharing your recommendation not to buy, I was considering this but nervous of how dinged up they were for what little discount they are offered at.

its hard to capture on q picture but on the screen, theres a few small scratches that you can see when the device is off. Its like a 1-2 inch hair on your phone.

I tried to buff it off, but its a hair line scratch. The screen works okay.

The back has some scuffing on the corners. Typical pocket wear, but no dents. Will be hidden by a case.

Aftermarket lighting cable and generic plug.

warranty/non apple accessories and gambling on the scratch level was not worth the 150 savings.

Who cares about a scratch unless it’s on the screen. Won’t see it due to phone cover.