iPlay USB Internet Radio & 2GB Flash Drive

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iPlay USB Internet Radio & 2GB Flash Drive
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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The real value here is the magical internet radio part.

I think a friend of mine got one of these and all the music was Austrian. sigh

It’s radio that you only have to pay for once!

I think you mean German…


So, why do I need a USB dongle if it’s not using radio waves. If this were a digital radio oer the AIR I’d get it. Or even over a cellphone network… But otherwise, I already have a wireless card.

What is this for? Maybe your granny who doesn’t understand software.

are these stations just going to be blocked by my company’s netnanny/websense?

“User friendly USB interface” perfect.

Are you a grandma? Do you have a grandchild’s birthday coming up and want to give a gift that is cool with the kids? Have I got a wootoff item for you…

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista

oh no. my granny’s all hardware, baby.

The place where I work has every Internet radio station website I can think of blocked. Would this dongle-doodad help me skirt around that?

Good question! Only reason worth getting…

bleh :frowning:

Come on, give me something interesting before the flying monkeys come a callin!

Zo…you Vill plug zis into your compooter and you Vill enJoy zee music! Zat…is…an…Order!!

I dunno about your skirt, but it looks interesting, N41.

i would say no if it has to install something, you probably don’t have the ‘rights’ to install the software.

but if it runs straight off the drive, which is probably something you could do yourself, with an old drive you already have, then maybe. It depends on how they’re blocking access.

Looking at the shipping method, I wonder if smart cars go as slowly as smart post?

At least smartphones do pretty well even if most of them have terrible battery life.