iPM 3D Virtual Reality Glasses w/Remote

I wonder if these would be suitable for watching a NON-3D movie?

Only if it were being presented split-screen, so you got the same image in either eye.

I believe there are apps that’ll do that for you.

Can these be used with an iPad Pro

I couldn’t find this product name to get much more info on what this is, but found some YouTube videos that look remarkably the same, so take them for what they’re worth:



Comparison to Gear VR:


Apparently can’t use all the same content that you get with a Samsung Gear VR, but you can take advantage of the Google Cardboard related content.

Of course, you’re also not paying $80 for Gear VR either.

Compatible with most smartphones (Android / iOS) 4.7” - 6.0” screen size

I’m guessing these would be good for taking advantage of any of the split screen 3d videos you can find on youtube. Search “split screen 3d”

I had a product very similar to this. Only problem I found is that they are not very immersive. Other VR headsets (like the Galaxy VR and even Google Cardboard) make it appear that the image is completely wrapped around you.

This caliber of headset merely gives the appearance of having a 3D TV in front of you. They are comfortable though and sit on the face with no problems.

The qr that you scan for the software will not run on iOS the message said that the developer is not trusted so besides for turning iTunes on and off the remote is worthless

Has anyone ever used these things or any of the kind do they work seems like a gimmick more than anything kinda like the 1970s version of 3D

shipping free, only control that works on iphone is volume.

Is the QR code included with the purchase?

there is a qr code included for android and ios but the ios which will install on your iPhone will not run there is a message that pops up which reads untrusted enterprise developer “iPhone distribution virglass inc has not been trusted on this iPhone. until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise apps will not be available for use.” nice huh

Specs say they will accommodate up to 6" screen size. I would say an iphone but not an ipad

Where on earth did you find the QR code?

Oo, maybe on the unintelligible documentation, I’ll check there.

On the downside, the bluetooth controller is utterly DOA.

You can easily override this by granting trust:
Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. You then see a a profile for the developer under the “Enterprise App” heading. Tap the profile to establish trust for this developer.

Woot!, did I say you guys are awesome? <-- There I just said it. Thanks for keeping up to your reputation. Keep Wooting the wooty way you Woot!

Has anyone had any luck with the Bluetooth remote? I can’t find any documentation anywhere.

Edit: Could someone post that QR code for the bluetooth software?

I just received mine today, and one of the lenses is scratched up, like it’s a return or something. Going to contact woot about a refund. Sux. I was so looking forward to using this.

The actual headset itself works as pretty much expected. The harness tends to slide up the back of your head (especially if you have a lot of hair). This could potentially be resolved by tightening more than I’m willing to do. Outside of that…I can’t figure out how to get these bluetooth controllers to work. The units themselves don’t appear to show any LED status lights. All and all…it’s still a good deal for a low end, low cost entry into VR. Good for just about anything that works with Google Cardboard or supports a split screen view.