iPM 3D Virtual Reality Glasses w/Remote

Can’t find much so far:
product page $69.99 vs. $18.99 here
$39.99 at overstock

Same as the “VR Box” they sold a few weeks ago. It’s cheap Chinese junk. That piece of cardboard from Google is a better VR headset.

It looks like the same thing that’s “FotoFo VR” on Amazon. I think fakespot actually laughed at me when I searched it. I might buy one of the knock-offs just to see if its something I’d like or not before shelling out $100 for the Samsung.

It’s a good price for a VR w/remote
The remote alone is at least ten bucks. 19 bucks, I’m in

I just received this exact item recently from a Woot-off a week or two ago. I’ve never used the Cardboard so I can’t compare, but I’d say they both have their +'s and -'s. I love that this has a strap, though it is heavy, especially with my Note 5, so I still tend to hold on to it. The eye adjustments for the distance were pretty loose so I just used some tape to hold them in place. There is a remote that works, but all I could get it to do is change the volume and exit out of whatever app/screen I am in. I have not been able to select anything like an app or an option being presented on the screen. I believe the Cardboard has a button on the top so you can select items on the screen. So far it has been fun. I’d say the limitations of using a phone as the video source has been the biggest issue for me. The images are definitely grainier, but, you do feel like you are closer to the action which is cool. Overall I am happy with my purchase and after only a short time with it I’d say it was definitely worth the ~$20 spent, even with its faults.


One additional comment, the “Sisters” app which is short but worth the watch, and the “Jaunt VR” app, have been my favorite sources of 360 VR entertainment so far. Neither require the remote to maneuver. You just look at an option long enough and it gets selected, which is pretty cool and easy.

Market is being flooded with these, all with different names. I bought the “VR BOX” a while back and it is the same product.

Looks great, feels great, easy to adjust the lenses but…

The remote does NOT work with IOS. Sure you can watch things but not play any interactive games because you have nothing that is the equivalent to the button on top of the Cardboard Glasses.

I e-mailed CS to give them a heads up but here we are again… Same junk, different name.

They are cool for riding the virtual roller coasters… but not for any games…

Sorry no. Even if it does work the way it is supposed to with Android it is still a cheap piece of plastic. With IOS you might be able to make the volume go up and down.

Sorry. No. Folks like yourself are expecting an Oculus Rift for the price of a pizza.

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I don’t know much about 3D VR glasses, so excuse the ignorance, but can I use this with an iPhone to watch movies that are downloaded onto the iPhone? I don’t need any interaction, like a game would require. I just want it to be like a virtual movie screen.

The thing is terrible. They give you sticky pads to put on it to keep it from pushing the volume buttons, which only sort of works until the sticky pads compress. It’s difficult to get your phone lined up properly, and then the inside is shiny, you see the reflection of your phone off the divider. The remote is novel but frustrating. The strap that goes over your head is too short (even for my average sized head) and it’s too heavy to use without that strap. Even for $19, you’re throwing your money away.

Yes. Walmart has a very similar item called Cynoculars that also includes a bluetooth remote for $19.99.

Thanks for the insight. Based on the reviews here, it may be worth getting the Cynoculars.

Yes… That’s EXACTLY what I want… Do you have a link for that?! :slight_smile:

Cheap enough… you get what you pay for? Does it come with popcorn?

No, just expecting the the instructions that come with it to work… (It even has a slide button on side to pick android and IOS.) The instructions direct you to click on the below qcode. Unfortunately that is on the very bottom of the page. There is no qcode. I do appreciate your review of my review. That makes me happy!

Same type, different name, different sale!

They are fun for a lot of the roller-coaster apps that you just ride along. That is worth the price.

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There was supposed to be a QR code to scan with the manual. Only problem is that the “manual” was a poorly printed piece of paper and there was no QR code. Does anyone have any information?

Hi there. This should help you out. The links below are the same as the QR codes.

You can download the Google Cardboard app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Learn more about Google Cardboard here.

Advanced users can use the Google Viewer Profile Generator to set the VR Headset angles and sizes.

Does not accommodate the 6+