iPM 3D Virtual Reality Glasses w/Remote

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these offered here before, but I don’t remember when. What was the verdict last time?

It looks like it’s possible to use them with glasses considering what it says about myopia, but will it work for astigmatism?

And can the software work with existing movie apps for 2-D movies I already have a digital copy of? Or say I get the 3-D Blu-Ray of Avengers or Star Wars, can I play it using Vudu or Disney Movies Anywhere?

It’s cheaper on Amazon right now!

Do you have a link for that? I was not able to find this brand on Amazon.


That’s a different brand and they are made differently if you look at the photos.

Someone didnt spell check the ads very well. Some pretty obvious typos especially in the myopia slide.
My guess, it’s a rebrand of a generic Chinese model.


How does one get content for this anyway? Does it support movies I’ve bought on the iTunes Store (in 2D)? Games? Where does one get 3D content for this?

The one sheet “instructions” says to scan a barcode on the box. (http://goo.gl/mabmwd) It doesnt go anywhere. It should open right to the site, but it just cycles back to the scanner. I’m hopeing it has instructions for the remote. All mine does is adjust volume.

The site you linked has links to the apps (iOS & Android). You can also get the app directly from those stores.

I found iPM’s web site:


No help there either. No contact info was given. I did find out that the two feedback they had confirmed that the remote did nothing other than turning the volume up or down and kick you out. I’ve asked Woot for help but I doubt that I’ll have any answers.