iPM 3D Virtual Reality Glasses w/Remote

Bought these here before Christmas, don’t bother if you have iPhone.

Why not with iPhone?

Please explain why NOT to purchase for us iPhone users? Thanks

Please explain. This is a cliffhanger

I bought one of these around Christmas as well. The remote does not work at all and seems configured for random controls. For example, when I tried using the remote during Titans of Space, the remote would control the volume on my Netflix and not my ship’s Direction in the simulation. Troubleshooting steps I tried included disconnecting and reconnecting the remote, however I could not locate any settings to adjust for the remote. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I would highly recommend this for watching 3D movies or short films. The Google Maps app is badass as well, it’s trippy being able to see in 3d a place like you’re really there. Again, however, because the remote doesn’t work, navigating through the space is difficult, if not impossible. The bit that hold the phone in is spring loaded and can sometimes launch your phone out of it if you aren’t careful, which can be a safety hazard. I would rate this four out of ten – neat and worth 20 bucks for being cool/novel but overall not a good product.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I’m not really interested in gaming, I’m more interested in 3D real estate tours. It’s not as exciting as it sounds :wink:
One concern I have is how well the focusing controls work. I had cataract surgery so I can’t see anything clearly that’s right in my face. Are there decent adjustments?

Looks a lot like this one: http://tinyurl.com/znvyowm

They are not very decent adjustments at all. The mechanism that controls how far the lenses are from your eyes is easy to use, however it does not result in a significant visual change. I can’t tell when they’ve been adjusted one way or another. However, I’ve had several friends with poor vision try it out with mixed results.

Tangentially, are there any non-Phone devices that’d be good for 3D viewers like this? I wouldn’t mind finding something for the kids that didn’t have phone dialing features. Sure, I could get a phone and not activate it but they’re generally pretty expensive and then I’ve got the ‘begging to activate it as a phone’ problem.

Any small phone-sized tablets out there? Android, of course.

Go onto Amazon & check out, “View Master Virtual Reality”

They are pretty cool for kids & don’t require a cell phone…

But don’t buy an “Amazon Warehouse Deal”, they send you broken equipment, although it may say otherwise…


I too, have bought these over Xmas…

I am “still” having issues with the remote control…

Go to Amazon & do a search for, “VR Glasses”…

There are hundreds of different types, kinds & price ranges…