iPM 3D Virtual Reality Glasses w/Remote

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iPM 3D Virtual Reality Glasses w/Remote
Price: $16.99 - 28.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Feb 10 to Monday, Feb 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Since I wear glasses, can someone tell me how to “CAB IN” these glasses so I can see? I live in a house, not a cabin…I’m so confused!

I already have a pair of virtual reality glasses. They’re called bifocals, and reality has never been more virtual since I got them.

Can anyone actually add these to their cart? I can’t online or with the android app.

Same here. Can’t add to cart.

Be glad you can’t add them to your cart.

I bought 3 before Xmas. They are horrible. One arrived broken. They do not work with iPhone.

Never so disappointed in woot for offering this crap.

I’m reading through the company provided selling points in the numerous pictures and love the typos. Here’s hoping the quality control team paid more attention than the marketing team.


You can purchase now. Buy all the glasses!

I have the same question, can we wear our glasses with these?

We checked with the vendor. He doesn’t think it will work with glasses. However, it does have a slider for focus.

Not great. I got a free set of the first generation gearVR, but i an asking the lucky few with an unusual ipd. I bought these to be able to comfortably watch netflix or other movies while relaxing on a flight etc. 1. While they did work, you have to rely on the insanely cheap Bluetooth controller to actually operate your phone, or else stare at options for 2s .2 it’s a less immersive type of vr. 3. I thought maybe i could lay down and watch things looking up. Nope.
If you just want to try out vr for cheap, sure, try these out. But anything with wow Factor is going to cost $$$

It seems like their qa qc was on point for the goggles, but the controls were set for “unimpressive”. The included controller feels like an N64 controller that should’ve been thrown out. The actual cardboard might be better (though i haven’t tried it)

I purchased one of these when Woot had them up about a month ago. I wear glasses and the headset fits just fine over the top of them.

The headset does have adjustable lenses that should focus without needing the glasses up to a perscription power of -6 nearsightedness (or someplace around there, I don’t remember the exact prescription number). Though I have not tried this because my eyes are far worse than this.

The controller will only adjust the volume when used with my Iphone making it kind of useless unless it is a VR that has no interaction.

The cardboard version works much better.

I bought one of these in the last wootoff.

They work with glasses, if you have smallish glasses. It’s not easy to put on or take off the headgear quickly, but it can work.

It’s tricky to get your phone to work if you have a power button on the side of the phone, the way the sliding mechanism works. There’s some pads to offset this but they won’t work in all cases.

The remote is easier to pair than it seems. It just works with my phone, no actions needed. There are no docs with the remote so I found a great review on Amazon that spells out how to use it. It has a lot more features than it first appears. https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3KPMYLQYJZDUV/

I bought these last time. The head straps were not adjustable (unlike the picture) and slipped off my wife’s head whenever she tried to wear them. I tried contacting the manufacturer (at Woot’s suggestion) and never heard from them. I still think this headset fits my Nexus 6P better than the Elegiant VR I bought from the mothership, but the QR Code on the box registers them as the same.

The remote is non-intuitive and the instructions non-existent. I had to search youtube for help on how to change between button profiles, and then it’s still somewhat trial and error for what the buttons do.