iPM 4K 12MP UHD Action Cams w/WiFi

can you take pictures with it?

If you want a similar camera and additional attachments for $2 less, Overstock seems to have it on sale as well. The resolution on the overstock one isn’t quite as good as this one. So do be aware. here.

Would advise heavily against using as a dash cam, and it cannot be used as an IP camera.

Buyer confirms there is NO micro SD card included.


I bought one of these last September, well I should say it was bought for me as a gift. I have the 1080P version and took it to Maui (No underwater stuff) and it worked pretty good in the car during the trek up to Mt. Haleatkia.

There’s a APP you can get that lets you control it from your phone which is pretty easy and cool. I’ve only played a little with it so far and for the PRICE it’s a good deal.

Vendor says no IP security, but you could use it as a dash cam, as it takes video and saves to memory card. However, the camera doesn’t come with any sort of mount or anything for a dash cam, so it’s not necessarily recommended.

it doesn’t seem to come with any mounts. will gopro mounts/head straps/etc work?

“Water RESISTANT” housing??

Doesn’t inspire confidence…

Does this allow you to pause and resume while recording video (like a traditional camcorder)?

Anyone actually try diving with this?

Comes with waterproof housing
Handlebar mount
Helmet side mount
Quick clip
Usb cable


So do GoPro Accessories work? Also, where can we get a spare battery for this thing?

Does anyone know how the audio is on this?

It’s not bad. About equal to just about any audio recorded on a phone. Obviously can’t hear much of anything if it’s in the underwater housing, though.

Yep it is definitely an Eken H9. MCM Electronics sells the same camera under their name as well. Eken will sell to any company and have them slap their name on it…

Yes, GoPro accessories, or any that use that three-into-two clamp will work with that case. I have a mix of generic and GoPro accessories, and honestly I like the generically marked stuff better, since it’s cheaper but exactly the same quality (I don’t love GoPro’s accessory quality though)

Will this camera loop record or do you have to delete video when the memory card is full?

It has a loop option on/off in the menu. I haven’t tried it though.

This camera is sold under a couple different brands, Lightdow being the ones I bought. yes you can take pictures with it, and adjust the resolution of the pic before you take it.

I also have not used the WiFi. I have used these as action cams on my motorcycle for trackdays and it does quite well.
This video is from the camera with very little to no processing: