iPM 4K 12MP UHD Action Cams w/WiFi

Each one of the three I bought came with a spare battery.

Also the mount tape tends to shake off on the motorcycle. I either have to safety wire it down or use the better GoPro mounts.

This is definitely true, all of them look the same and have the same app to download and use with cam. So I bought the gearbest version for $44.82 and free shipping.

I know what you are thinking "$60, gotta be worth $60. " You would be wrong though. 4k? More like 640x480. Sooo laughably bad my 10 yo didn’t even want it. The accessories are not all GO Pro compatible, but I was able to reuse some of them…so there’s that.

Double check this camera when you receive it. I ordered the same 4K camera as part of the recent Woot-off, but ended up receiving the 1080p version from Woot. The color was also not the same as the one I ordered…

If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Just bought one in black for the motorcycle!!! But, I will need to pick up a Micro SD card as well.

What is the write speed of the camera? Trying to purchase an adequate Micro SD card. Is UHS-1 overkill?

Does anyone have the MFG’s website? I keep losing the instructions…also any word on go-pro battery compatibility or some generic battery & external charger that would work?