iPM 4K 12MP UHD Action Cams w/WiFi

Looks like the same camera as this.

but who knows?

Anyone got a link to a manual for this? Searching doesn’t turn one up.

In particular, what does “web cam” mean? Can I really use this as an always on streaming web cam?

considering 60f/s at 1080p, this is not bad at the price. However, if you are looking for 4K, go with Gopro black. 10f/s would be very choppy video.

Bought two. 720p60 as stated on the box and in the manual not supported by either firmware. App lists ability to connect to four devices, but will only connect to one at a time since the SSID for each camera is the same, although the the manual says otherwise. These are the exact two features I bought these for, because race car.

Also, both of mine have scratched rear screens out of the box.

I’m sorry to hear that your cameras aren’t working the way you’d hoped. You might want to bring these issues up with Customer Service. If the cameras are defective they will help with a solution.

So I played with the two I bought. Hopefully this gives some more detail to those that bought or could buy this camera.

These are Eken H9 cameras rebadged by iPM. Eken is constantly releasing firmware, so there are a ton out there. 160525 came on them, which does not seem to be an official Eken firmware. I installed Eken firmware 160627LJ easily. Firmware, software, and resources are available through “EKEN H9 User Group” on the facebook.

160627LJ adds 720p120 and 4K30. I wanted 720p60. I downgraded to 151015, which requires using the firmware software FRM available through the group. Using a backup through the software, it is actually possible to customize the startup, shutdown, and config screens (A\RO_RES\UI\JPG), as well as configure the SSID and password (B\UDF\SSID_PW.CFG). This allows me to identify the cams through the screens and to have both cameras show up individually in the app via different SSIDs, since mine are the same color.

When/if you use the software, delete the A and B directories, then copy over your backup to restore. If you change firmware versions, you will have to use the Basic tab ISP mode to partition the camera flash. Then you can use the Advanced tab to create the A and B images, then flash the camera. The advanced tab will also backup a camera, which is a good idea. There is a driver step that I am skipping, but it is documented pretty well in the user group. Disable driver signature checking in Win 7+.

Unfortunately, since the phone connects to the camera via Wifi, you can only connect to one camera at a time. When you start recording remotely on one, then connect to another via Wifi, the first stops recording. However, the camera will not play a file that has been interrupted in this way, even though the file will play on a PC. Therefore, multiple simultaneous recordings through the app are not possible.

If I had of known all of this, and that the H9 has a H9R version with a clicky remote, I would not have bought two. They are good for single camera environments, but controlling multiple cameras while strapped into a race seat in the paddock is a no go.

There is a more capable camera with a forward facing screen called the H8 with an H8R version that might be a better choice for some.

These are cheaper on the bay. The batteries are SJ6000 compatible. The mounts are GoPro compatible.