iPM 4K 12MP UHD Action Cams w/WiFi

No reviews to be found… and on their site:


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I bought this.

Been using it for about a month. Loving it a lot.

Can you tell me how the wifi connectivity works? Can you view the video real-time from a smartphone?

4K at 10 frames per second? HAHAHAHAHAH.

Pass. 1080p/120 might be nice, but I highly doubt it’s a sensor worth its salt.

This listing was misleading. Yes, the 4k camera shoots at 4k, but only at 10 frames per second. If you want a real 4k action cam for not much more money, Amazon carries the ExpertPower Click+ which actually shoots 4k at 24 frames per second. $79.68. Needless to say, I’m disappointed in Woot’s sneaky listing. I can’t trust them so this will have been my last Woot purchase.