iPM 720P HD IP Camera w/WiFi & Night Vision

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iPM 720P HD IP Camera w/WiFi & Night Vision
Price: $39.99 - 64.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Nov 15 to Friday, Nov 18) + transit
Condition: New


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Here it is on iPM’s site.

I don’t see any mention of system updates, particularly security-related ones. They don’t even have downloadable manuals.

Are we to assume, then, that these are likely to join botnets in DDoS attacks a few minutes after they’re powered on? Or are their mobile apps awesome and their website a poorly-designed afterthought?

I bought one. Does not connect to wifi. So far its a paper weight.

I bought one of these a while back and the included instruction manual (a quick guide, actually) is not real clear on the point, but you must connect this directly to your router via ethernet cord to initially set it up. It did have a hardware update available when it connected, and does allow you to change the default password. After initial setup, it will connect on a 2.4 ghz modem easily. Using VIP software I get a good picture via wifi, but there is a noticible lag in both the picture and camera movement. All in all worth the $40 i paid for it after some initial setup headaches, and I would buy one again.

Does this camera connect to your wi-fi system to transmit the live video? I need a camera that I can use not in the same room as my router.

Got one a while back from here. It’s 32GB max, not 128GB. FYI

So this would only be usable while you’re connected to your own wifi, correct? You couldn’t access it remotely?

Sorry for the trouble, did you get in touch with support?

Mine works anywhere I am using the app installed on my phone. wifi or cell data.

Any IP camera (that doesn’t use some weird proprietary software) can be accessed outside of the local wifi LAN if configured properly. You basically need a static IP address or use an IP service that will handle it. Then you change settings in your router software to forward a port outside of the local wifi LAN.

Can you just control it from your web browser?
What is its motion detection like?
Can it be set to record video to an FTP server when it detects motion?
If so, what length are those video clips?

How is it powered?

5v dc adapter. You can buy PoE splitters. Wish it was 1080p but I bought one since I’ve never seen one with IR and pan/tilt this cheap.

Does it have a MAC address? I have my router filter by MAC addresses as I live next to a major road.

This was the worst purchase EVER!!! Woot got me this time but they won’t get me again!!!

I’m sorry to hear that this product didn’t work out for you. Is it possible the set you received was defective? If so, I hope you’ll reach out to customer service and report the problem. They may be able to help you!

A. I can’t seem to get mine out of night vision mode. It started with regular color. I turned all the lights off and it went to night vision, turned the lights back on, stuck in night vision. Even today with sunlight and all the house lights on it’s stuck in night vision b/w.

B. and this part is significantly more disturbing, I set the cam up locally, gave it a new password and access to my wifi network. I assumed that’s all it was, a local wifi cam. But someone else stated “Mine works anywhere I am…wifi or cell data” So I tried this with cell data, and guess what, it worked right off the bat.

Why this is scary? Because I never opened forwarding ports in my firewall nor pointed the app on my phone to my public IP at home. This means that the App and the Camera are using some sort of broker service somewhere. And there is ZERO information on what that is or how it works in the included documentation. This potentially means that whatever broker service or central server they’re using could watch all your video streams, it exposes the camera to Mirai, and potentially exposes your entire network to infiltration.

I would recommend 100% NOT USE THESE CAMERAS. If you MUST use them, you need to set rules in the firewall to BLOCK ALL communication from the camera to the outside world.

I now understand why they are so cheap.

I checked into this a little more. I set it up on an isolated network to monitor it and the minute you plug this camera in it dials home to mainland China. It has a couple different Alibaba IPs it goes to.

When I enacted a country block to block China and Taiwan it pivoted and started talking to Alibaba servers in the US.

So again the warning here is these devices are phoning home their video streams. There might be someway to restrict them through firewall rules but I really don’t think it’s worth it. I’ll just spend a little more on a reputable camera that doesn’t do this.

Thanks for the heads up on this. I have heard it’s wise to keep your cameras on their own private network. This should be a good task for an old router with dd-wrt or openwrt.