iPM 720P HD IP Camera w/WiFi & Night Vision

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iPM 720P HD IP Camera w/WiFi & Night Vision
Price: $39.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Mar 22 to Monday, Mar 27) + transit
Condition: New


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30 day warranty … wow.

So it’s accessible via app from my iPhone, but not compatible with my Mac?
I’ll pass until a non-pc based version comes along that ISN’T exclusively run by Windows.

Question. Would it make sense or does it have the features to use this as a baby monitor? I suppose using the audio mainly and then if there’s an issue looking at the video.

I got this in the last woot-off. I love it. The camera swivels from your moving the picture showing on the ipad. I could follow my dog around from work and see what he was doing. I bought it use outside to see what animals come at night to my birdfeeders. There is a microcard holder so you can film or take photos of what is on the screen. It was super easy to set up. I want to buy another but I don’t know why.

You could absolutely use it as a baby monitor and you would be able to talk to the baby from your phone or ipad.

No, that’s “30 day warranty … WOOT!” :wink:

Can this be added to another camera app? I have two Black Label cameras I’ve gotten here and want to add one or two more but don’t want to run a different application for the new cameras?

I bought these last time and it was a terrible decision. You camera traffic routes through some server in China. Do not buy.

How did you determine that? That’d be terrible.

Does this have any browser limitations? My Foscam bought here stopped working with Firefox after an update, their solution is now have to use IE (bleh!)

Usually when you set up these kind of cameras, you have to open a port in your router’s firewall. Well I never did that and tested the app from a remote location and I was able to see the camera. It got me thinking how is it working. So I traced the packet and it was bouncing to servers in china.

Here is the previous sales comments.

I got one of these a few days ago during the last woot-off. I had a bit of trouble with the software.

After wrestling a while with the camhi.top site, I was finally able to install the PC viewer. I was also able to download the VIPCAM app onto my android phone. Both work well. (Though I do wish the zoom function was operable.)

BUT, the app is not compatible with my Nexus tablet (rec’d in a b.o.c.) and there is no app in the store that I can find for my Amazon Fire tablet. I really wanted to be able to view this cam on my tablets.

Otherwise, I’m satisfied. But if anyone knows a generic app compatible with this cam, I’m all ears (eyes).

Thanks for the good information Wildcat. I also bought one from a previous sale and have been following your comments. I’m quite concerned about their vulnerabilities and so far have not used it. Would you care to comment for this novice what are the greatest concerns with using these cameras as intended?

Would there be any benefit in setting them up on their own network, does that include a separate Router/Modem both?


I am interested in getting one of these but do not know a lot about them. My purpose is to embed a live stream from this camera on my website. Is that possible to do? If so, is it difficult to do? Thank you for your help!

So look, I don’t want to cause any fear but you folks should be aware of recent security holes in alot of these generic IP cameras.
WiFi cameras open to hacking
The tech talk of it.

So, what’s the bottom line to the security flaws of this cam? Is it just that someone can access my camera image? Or does the threat go deeper? If it’s just that they can see my home, I hope they enjoy the boredom.

Bottom line is it could go deeper aside from unauthorized viewing. Could be used for botnets.
The list of compromised cameras has been pulled, so I cant say for certain if this one is.

I love a good deal but I would skip this one.