iPM 720P hidden cam Desk Clock

Who are they selling this to? Peeping Toms?

Woot really shouldn’t be selling hidden cams. There are few legitimate uses for this, and far more illegitimate uses. My friends just found one of these in their Air B&B.

Disturbing. AND a felony.

Really, Woot??

I dunno. I would consider leaving this my living room to keep tabs on our babysitter. That seems somewhat legit.

Just because they are selling it doesn’t mean its geared towards creepers, yes a small percentage of people buying this will use these for odd uses or illegal things.

Does that mean woot can’t sell knives because someone might stab another person with them?

Well, if a thief comes in and sees your camera they can just take it with them.

I put one in MY Air B&B (that I was renting) but the felony came from the units employee going through my suitcases and stealing my sunglasses and watches while drinking my beer.

I would think putting one in my room at an angle to record my safe wouldbe a good reason, but I suppose I shouldn’t have any reason to have a safe because it might contain evidence of a crime or illegal products, or may stop on someone’s foot and cause gangrene that requires amputation that was all recorded because this clock leading to litigation and penetration because of this clock may or may not record things that happen. Either way, it’s all that damn clocks fault, and Woot’s too, for selling it. Woot really shouldn’t sell anything other than towels and candy bars. Except towels can be used to mop up evidence of a crime and candy bars can cause diabetes, so selling themis practically criminal.