iPM 720p iDoorbell Wi-Fi & Video IP Cam

The one photo shows the home owner talking to the delivery person: “I am not home at the moment”…but feel free to rob me while I am out…LOL

can this record video too?

The features section says “In addition to being sent to your smartphone, the doorbell’s audio and video is also stored on a built-in hard drive and saved to a cloud, so you can go back and reference the footage.”

Anybody able to locate any manual online. I was wondering about installation. I’ve seen others that use current doorbell wiring but that’s 12V, specs say this is 5V?

I got mine yesterday and it’s junk did not work will not send a call to any phone. Must have got a bad one. Waiting to send it back I like the size.

Yes 5 volts

Thanks, but any manual? I did see specs said 5V.

Make sure your existing power supply is DC and not AC or you will burn op your camera.

Very dissatisfied and disappointed in the quality if the picture. Shadows from roof overhang, found on every house, prevents a good image to be displayed. Cannot make out faces, even of someone standing directly in front of camera.

Software is slow and sluggish. No ability to adjust picture quality on monitoring device.

Waste of money!!