iPM 720P Recorder Dash Camera

I bought this model for $10 at a local store that has ‘close out’ items. For $10 it is impressive and the perfect device to try out dash cam recording. However, it is not in any way top notch. The sound recording is terrible; not marginal, but terrible, meaning that spoken words are almost indecipherable. You can take the SD card out and play the video from a computer and the audio is still terrible. I record at 720 and the video is a little grainy but would seem sufficient to prove what happened if you were in an accident. I have not really tried the night vision so no comment on that. The auto power on/off with the car’s ignition works as advertised. The power cord, at least with mine, is at least 6 feet long, maybe more. The directions are pretty good for such a cheap unit. The mount is actually not bad; very adjustable and nice grip via the suction cup.