iPM Apple Watch & iPhone Aluminum Dual Charging Dock

Anyone know if I have to use my iPhone and Apple Watch cables or if they imbedded and there is a power supply provided? Cannot find anything on their site or in this ad. Thanks!

“Additionally, for all your other devices, we have created 2 USB ports in the back to charge 2 other devices at the same time. This station charges 4 devices at once!”

Based on the images provided, it appears that the only other thing you could plug in would be an adapter provided to plug into the wall.

I wonder if I can charge my iPhone 6 plus in it’s case, or if I’ll have to remove the case for docking.

We have received confirmation on this. You won’t need your iPhone cable, but you will need your Apple Watch cable. You can install it and hide the cable in the base so you don’t end up with a jungle of cords.

It really depends on the case you’re using. Unless the case has a very thick bottom, it should be able to charge with the case still on.