iPM Battery Heated Outdoor Gloves

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iPM Battery Heated Outdoor Gloves
Price: $49.99 - 59.99
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Volt heat gloves are better

Comments from a previous similar sale

Groupon has the ones with 3 levels of heat for $89.99 so this looks like a good deal.

The listing says they’re unisex, but will the pink ones be smaller? I have freakishly small hands, even for a girl.
Edit: The specs tab shows that the pink and the gray gloves are a bit smaller than black.

LOVE these “Unisex” items. If these fit a BIG man, how in the world are they going to fit a small woman ?


I used to love that show especially when Rickie walked through the door and yelled “Loosely,I’m home !”

How long does a fully charged battery last?

It’s -1 this morning, in central New York, and I don’t have any gloves. Three levels of heat!

In for one!

These seem to be the same gloves… 3-4 hours… http://www.popyellow.com/product-p/ipmchglvbw.htm

And >3x the price.

Exactly, are they better for riding motorcycles in the winter? Yes, but so is a car since we are comparing much more expensive products…

Looks like the company who makes this product doesn’t own all the rights to the patent because there are plenty of gloves on Amazon that look almost the same with the same heating technology and rechargeable battery and size for around the same price.

$30: Heated Gloves, Bestpriceam Mens Bicycle Motorcycle Electric Battery Powered Heated Gloves Hot Hands Warmer 2000mAh

$34: Dual Fuel Battery Heated Glove Liners by Warmawear - Medium

The Dual Fuel gloves you reference bear almost no resemblance to these other than being battery heated. It’s more helpful when comparisons are kept apples-to-apples.

I believe these same gloves were offered here a couple of months or so ago. I bought a pair and I can honestly say, they don’t work very well at all. The battery fits in a pocket above the wrist. Whatever heat is generated is supposed to be transferred to the rest of the glove. Nope! The glove barely gets warm. You’re much better off spending $50.00 or $60.00 on a better pair of gloves from one of the outdoor specialty stores.

I just got a very similar pair from woot a month or so ago and I agree- they don’t get very warm at all.

Thanks, I’m looking for a pair and almost bought them. Better to look around I guess.

When my hands get cold I usually just go inside…

Size? I generally wear men’s 2x. Any idea if these are big enough?

So—$55 or $65 for a pair of gloves with absolutely no indication of size other than external measurements? Many (un)happy returns…