iPM Battery Heated Outdoor Gloves

Bluetooth hats, Heated gloves. and Self-balancing scooters.

All rechargeable. (Some a bit more proficient at not burning down the house than others while doing so.)

I’m not so sure I like this. We sound like a society of elderly who need hearing aids, self heated clothing and devices to help us get from here to there.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t leave a comment. I bought the more expensive version of these the last time I saw them offered on W00T! One works, the other doesn’t (tries to heat for a few minutes then shuts itself off.) Additionally, I contacted w00t! well within the 21 days using the support form and have never received a response. (Yes, I’ve tried multiple times.) Now my 21 days are up and I’m out the $60 - and the gloves aren’t very good at all as just regular gloves. I’ve got over 100 w00t!s and this has really soured me on them. The offers and service have been going downhill ever since the mothership buy-out and the expansion of the site from the original seems to have just enhanced the downward spiral.

[MOD: You’ve been given an RMA & Return Label]

morpheus1: I’m sorry for the problems. I’ll contact CS to see what’s up.

Please check your spam/junk folders though. Most times people find the emails there. Also, make sure you’re emailing from the email address on your account or use the Support form.

I ride a motorcycle year round and got these gloves to help with the commute to work. They help a little bit but if I am travelling for more than 10 minutes the wind cuts right through them. They’ll keep you warm for a bit but are not really great for high wind.

How do the sizes run on these? I have really large hands, I wear extra large gloves, and would like to know which color would correspond to my size.

It looks like the Pink/Black & solid Grey are 12 x 5.1 x 1.5 inches and the solid Black ones are 13.4 x 5.1 x 2 inches.

I was wondering do the pink and black gloves have 3 levels of heat like the gray gloves?

Where do you see that the gray ones have 3 levels of heat? Want to make sure before I ask.