iPM Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Neckband Headset

Can these also be connect with a wire for those instances when the device connecting to does not have bluetooth?

No it does not. Sorry :frowning:

How can I get 3 packs in different colors? Not able to do that in one order. Will I pay shipping x3 if I break up the order?

I’m not sure I 100% understand the question. Are you trying to order on pack each of 3 different colors? If so, simply add the color selection and quantity to your cart one at a time.

If you’re trying to order 3 packs of each color then you are exceeding the purchase limit for this product. Purchase limits are tied to accounts.

Add 1 of the color you want to your cart at a time.

You can add one color to your cart at a time up to three. For example, you could add one black then two white, that would be your max of three of that item. You can then either add other items to your cart, or check out if you are done shopping. Your entire cart will ship for $5!

Just got my 2 pack. Neither will charge. I guess you get what you pay for, garbage.

Make sure you give it a full charge for the first charge. Batteries are often shipped completely drained for safety.

just received my headsets, not sure these are the same that were Wooted. HV-800, doesn’t show iPM anywhere on the box, no brand name at all. Are these the right headsets?! And, really these retailed for over $100?

Do they look like the headsets in the photos?

The plain packaging could be a factor in why these were available at a discounted rate.

Doesn’t really matter if they look like the picture, real question is are these iPM headphones or not? Just want to be sure i got what I ordered!

I received HV 800 headphones too. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?


It helps us figure out what went wrong.

hook up ok to much static bad connetion :frowning:


I don’t know if woot read my post or not, but I got a replacement pair of these headsets in the mail from woot today. They have the letters IPM actually on their packaging. Still not a great connection, but wayyy better than the regular hv-800s. Good enough for what I needed them for. Thanks for making things right Woot…


Caution though : According to my spouse “noise canceling” apparently does NOT mean they’ll silence my horrible voice singing along.

Well, dang.


Holy shit - the charging cable that came with these just burst into flames. Happily (sort of) it was plugged into my chromebook which was on my lap at the time, so I was right there to put out the fire immediately. Took photos that I’ll share with Woot when I write my note to them, which I’ll write after I’ve calmed down a couple clicks. The fire started in the cable itself maybe an inch from the USB section of the cable. It melted the plastic which dripped on my leg about the same moment I smelled smoke. So far nothing else appears damaged aside from my nerves and adrenal glands… and a minor burn on my leg where the plastic dripped, and another minor burn on my fingers from when I was trying to find the source. The chunky parts of the headphones were also very hot. Not sure I want to try charging them again with a different cable.
Really sucks because I really loved these.

Egads, I’m glad everything is ok. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.