iPM Charging Dock w/2 USB Ports For Apple Watch

Couple of questions:

  1. Does this have the apple watch charger integrated into it? Meaning that I would not have to provide my own?

  2. How does this thing get power? I assume that it’s through the micro usb port but not even their website gives any more detail than this listing.

I have exactly the same questions and have not been able to find additional detail.

Per the vendor:

  1. This dock has a built-in apple watch charger. You do not need to provide your own.
  2. This item is powered via Micro USB cable.

Thanks for the info!

Does the apple watch charging arm fold or detach in any way for travel and packing?

No, it does not detach. Sorry.

i like that there are finally options besides the APPLE original option.
this seems like a vary nice option with the 2 USB.
for a little cheaper this is also a nice option as it includes another MFI apple watch charger.
essentially a $5 stand included.

wont send to Hawaii! Bum deal. Hate that! I would pay extra just to ship but noooooo. Booooooooooooooo.

what are the USB ports?
2.1amp? or just 1amp?

My order was just cancelled. It had said it was in shipping. Anyone know what is up? :frowning:

I am looking into this.