iPM G10 Smart Watch

WTF! It’s available at Amazon for $49.00.

The only thing I found was a replacement watch band for $49.00. Could you check again, pls?

Well sorta kinda the same https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016NEDHTC/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_zw62wbB2385FE are these any good or just silly?

Look at G10 Smart Watch, i seller PHD, at $49.00

Does ‘Compatibility - Android IOS phone’ mean that I would need to install IOS on my android phone? Sure wish I could find just a bit more about this watch…

Heads up, this is from the same manufacturer/distributor as the previous G8, that is known for sending packets of data to some unknown IP in China. Nobody knows exactly what is being sent yet, but there’s still a lot of caution advised with using one of these Chinese-import smartwatch.

And if you still really want one, tmart.com has a variety of selection for about $20-30.

Last bit of info, if you have iPhone don’t expect it to work well (based on history of the G8). On android you can push your texts and calls along with your address book, and iPhone you can just push the notification itself. So you can’t read it, you can’t reply to it, and you can’t see who is calling.

I just received this smart watch. The ad stated that it was compatible with android and iphone. Not true! It’s only compatible with android! Very dissapointed. :frowning:

Here’s info directly from iPM:

The smart watch G10 both can be fit with IOS and android.

  1. For iPhone : can connected with bluetooth, can be in sync phone call .
  2. For Samsung : can download App, implement all the function like message etc.
  3. independent utility: insert SIM card ,can using like a little smart phone,calling and message etc .

Keep in mind that it isn’t an Apple watch and won’t function like one. It will sync Bluetooth, phone calls, music etc.