iPM Men's Battery Heated Gloves

How does the battery system work? Do I have batteries in my gloves at all times?

Are these gloves for little dolls? 2"X1"X.4"? Someone did the sizing wrong…

Yes, Please give correct sizes.

i believe that is the BATTERY size

go to amazon and it will explain the concept.and yes at all times

These are not available on Amazon…where do we find information on how they work, how long heat, and what batteries are used?

On how they heat…

From the vendor:

Each set comes with a charging device with 2 wires/adapters to attach the batteries to. They charge up and you connect it in the pocket to the glove. I don’t know how long they last but it’s a 2,000 mAh battery, so if a cell phone is 3800 (Samsung) then this is half a Samsung. Again, it is using much less power so it should last a good few hours.

Each set comes with 2 batteries (1 for each hand)

The ENTIRE top of the glove warms up – both the palm and the fingers literally to the tips.

Size Info

We don’t have a “glove” size but here’s dimensions:

10.5” from wrist to top of middle finger
4.5” width