iPM MFI iPhone 7 & 8 Charger Case

does this come with a charging cable and charger or just the case???

It comes with a cable to charge the case. :slight_smile:

Is it USB or Lightning port on the bottom?

According to Mothership ($18 Prime):
Product Information - Whats in the box Case, Border, MicroUSB Charging Cable, Instructions.


Micro USB to charge the case

It says it supports iOS10. What does this mean? I am at iOS11, will this still work?

This is a pretty good deal. I have a similar battery case called Trianium and it looks exactly the same for my 6S+. I can typically go two days without charging if I need to with regular use. Heavy usage gets me through the day, no problem. Just remember, if you have earbud adapters with your lightning connector, it won’t work for the micro USB connector that this case has.

it’ll work for iOS11. The description was probably written a year ago.

Also, the speakers on the case works pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised.

One annoying thing is that when it’s charging, the back lights are always on and flashing if it needs charging. Stinks when it’s next to your bed stand while you’re trying to catch some ZZZZs. I just end up taping over the lights.

After a day or two the case won’t turn off. Holding the power button in does nothing. The all the lights are solid. Is there another way to shut it off?

Vendor suggests trying to push the button on and then off. If that doesn’t work, it may be defective. d

If that’s the case, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.