iPM Smart Home USB Wall Plate (2-Pack)

What does it mean by “3100mAh” in the description? That’s a storage capacity, like a battery would have. Why would a wall plate that’s intended to be screwed to a wall outlet be storing power? What does it do with that stored power?

Amps are always measured based on time, an hour. It would take this unit and an hour to charge a 3100mAh battery. It’s 3.1 amps, but doesn’t mention if that it in total or for each USB connection. Most ‘rapid’ phone chargers are 2 amps.

These probably are not up to code and if not, could void your insurance if you have a fire. Anything that uses a “touch” contact like this could have shorting problems.

Dual USB Outlets: 3.4A Total/1A + 2.4A

No, no they’re not. That’s just completely wrong. And just as wrong as rating this device in mAh.

My guess is that each port is rated at 2.1 amps, and a total combined maximum of 3.1 amps.

Where did you get 3.4A?

Better look that info up again.

ps… Seems like a nice idea, but unless I missed it, there’s not a UL listing for this.

Home Depot has it listed for $71.43 for a single unit and according to the description, it is UL Certified.

…if that helps anyone

Nicely done, thanks. BTW, mother ship has these now for 28.78

About to a buy a pair when luckily I remembered I don’t have a single classic outlet in my house… They are all those fancy rectangles…

They have both styles for sale.

To answer some questions after some research:

Total output is 3.1 Amps (3100mA, not mAh). Each port is rated to output 1 - 2.1A. The total maximum output is some combination of two numbers, each no larger than 2.1A and whose sum is no larger than 3.1A. In other words, only one device at a time will get fast charging.

This wallplate is NOT UL listed, however is ETL listed, which is essentially another American testing laboratory like UL.

While it might be okay, I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of using spring metal clips to make contact with the side screw terminals of the outlet to obtain power. I’d be more accepting of this arrangement if the screw terminals were properly designed with a landing area for the spring clips to establish a secure connection. Given that this is a low current device (at AC line voltage) there’s little concern of an interface heating condition from developing due to poor connection.

Personally, I recommend either installing the outlets with the USB built-in (though usually with lower current output capacities) or the outlet expanders with the USB supplies built-in (the downside of the unit protruding out from the outlet).

Uhh no… amps are a measure of electrical current. AmpHours is a measure of charge. They are related, but they measure different things. Saying one is ‘always measured based on time’ is a bit like saying that centimeters are always measured based on volume because a milliliter is a cubic centimeter. The two measurements are related, but they measure different things (in this case length vs volume).

Is anyone else concerned that there is nothing “Smart” about it? Smart implies that it can connect to a controller, which as far as I can see, it doesn’t.

It’s cheaper to buy a receptacle with USB’s already incorporated. Pass.

Found them for $15.99/ea. on Amazon, no tax, free shipping with prime.



People that purchased claim: Only the left USB port charges up to 2.1A, the right USB port charges 1A. Both are sharing one LED.

I think I’ll stick with these for $20 as a two pack and then I don’t have anything protruding from the wall. Also no funky clips to deal with. No tax and free shipping with Prime.


We have Ivory Outlets and plates in our house so this would take care of having to swap out the outlet.