iPod+HP 20GB


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FIRST… who cares…

Anyways, I already got one for free, good price though.


woot, I love you, but this lag is killing me

[color=red:8feae7ce86]more ram in the box please[/color]


Woo hoo, I think…


if being fourth is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Wish I could afford this, but after buying that woot t-shirt, I’m tapped out. :slight_smile:


woot this cost way to much for me






Wish I could afford it, oh well.


:? its an ok price i guess…


Woot! price $259.99

Or buy from everywhere else for $299.99
Decent price. But not enough discount for me. Goodnight!


I wish they have that RC car again.


iPod+HP 20GB
iPod. HP. 20GB.

Official Woot Price: $259.99

mmmm nah no thanks i got mien off freeipods already =P


wow this is sad seing ppl type nethin just to try and be firsrt. crappy w00t tonmight but that doesnt mean i dont love w00t




We need something affordable and worth staying up for… like Dell 5.1 speakers for 29.99


iPod+HP 20GB
iPod. HP. 20GB. $259.
$259.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

By now, you should all know what an iPod is. This is the 20GB version made for HP by Apple. It features the Click Wheel that was first introduced on the iPod mini and stores about 5,000 songs

New, retail boxed, complete, 1 year hp warranty.

if you need more info, google it.

ok we’ll help but that’s it: google: ipod hp 20gb


Good deal, but I already have a mini…


[size=18:0098aeccbd] :?: Why would I buy it from woot now, when I can buy it from buy.com for 269.99 anytime[/size:0098aeccbd]