iPod Nano 16GB 5th Generation


hmmm, does this work with windows 7?


ok, crap, I gotta puke, ack!!!

where is my ZUNE

Some people call me the woot cowboy.

why does it have to be a referb…

where’s my BOC??!!! sigh

On Amazon they are listed for $155.84 new… so I could spend and extra 30 bucks or so and get a new one… hmmm… oh wait, I already have one…

I bought 2. I think the small size would be convenient for my aging mother’s vision. Of course, she is bound to lose one because its so small.

…which is why I got two.

Does it do Ogg Vorbis?

Eww cooties -er I mean a refurb. Get it away!

Great, maybe I can get some work done now.

too bad this woot off is a few days late. just bough the BF a nano for his bday (which is today). Good price for one of these - but i found a new one @ Target for $165. And its not pink

Here’s a little known fact about the iPod Nano 16GB 5th Generation units:

If you connect them to a Bushnell ONIX 350 GPS unit, they create free energy.

Not a bad deal, I paid $145 each for 8 gig ones for my 3 kids at Christmas last year.

bring on the monkeys!

you can also get one of these from the apple store refurbished for $149. or get a previous generation one for $119.

I purchased a new iPod and it crapped out three times in warranty and once out. Pain in the ace to keep sending it back. I now ONLY buy refurb ipods. They take more care making sure they work than just some assembly line clown.

So if I buy one of these and leave it in a bar so someone finds it, does that mean the Apple police will raid my house, take my hard drives and kick my dog?