iPod nano 6th Gen – 8GB

Ah yeah it’s a Woot Off!


These are great for jogging!

Waiting for the Sansa Clip+!

these kick ass, use mine everyday at the gym

30 bucks off Apple’s regular price, and it’s new, to boot - that is a GREAT deal!


Fantastic Ipod but so easy to lose which I did

can someone explain the purpose of having multitouch on a display small enough that some people couldn’t fit multiple finger tips on it?

I’d totally want one of these if they weren’t cool. See I’m hipsterlicious like that and its not cool if its cool. I don’t conform to the nonconformity of the nonconformists…

I have one of these! Its name is iPoopod

Do these play movies?

iDon’t think so.

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iPod nano 6th Gen - 8GB
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Woot’s banner ads along the top are pretty darn witty.

Makes me almost want to become their minion - if I weren’t already obligated as such to so many others.

Shut out on the USB plasma ball? COME ON MAN!!

Terrible price

not really a good deal. can be had for cheaper new. who you trying to kid woot?


a lil cheaper elsewhere, not the best price out there =)

That blurb almost – ALMOST – made me want one, even if it is an iProduct. Woot, you are an evil temptor(ess)…

Apple’s wonderful tribute to Mork from Ork (Wait for it…).